Alistair Geralt

Implacable Cleric of the Order of Iomedae


Alistair Geralt is of average height and build. Standing halfway between five and six feet, he is not an imposing figure unless two conditions are met. The first being he wears the armor and cloak of his rank, and the second being he does not lock eyes with his subject. While unremarkable physically, it is his spirit that affects most those around him. Alistair is a calm, rational, and stubborn man, whose faith guides every decision, and determines every action. To him, the Divine know all, and it is not within his capacity to understand or challenge. He has been a stalwart aide and friend to Conrad Astym.

HP: 50+

Fort: Ref: Will:




Craft: ; Heal: ; Survival:


Alistair Geralt is the third son of Toray Geralt of the noble House Geralt.

Born to a chambermaid shortly after the birth of his half-brother, Ados, Alistair enjoyed little love within the confines of House Geralt. His step-mother, the beautiful Rhana Geralt, formerly of House Tobin, gave little affection to Alistair during his childhood. It is rumored she even ordered the household staff to call him by her chosen name, “The Little Lord Bastard”. Although that name cannot be confirmed in an official records.

Alistair’s half-brothers enjoyed the upbringing only a noble house can supply, while Alistair was relegated to duties and training more befitting his station, those of the kitchens and stables. However, it is said that the sons of Lord Geralt loved fiercely their little half-brother, and often made demands upon their mother that he be included in whatever plans she concocted for her sons.

Once Rhana realized the affection her sons held for young Alistair, she banished him to the family’s coastal estate, only to return to Absalom when the rest of House Geralt vacationed on the coast.

The house Geralt coastal estate was managed by an elderly Andoran and his two grown daughters. It is through the elderly Andoran that Alistair learned to love the Goddess Iomedae. It is true his family was considered one of the devout, but Rhana Geralt cared little for the religious upbringing of her own children, let alone the bastard offspring of her deceased husband.

Alistair learned quickly the value of honor and justice from his simple tutor. He was not apprenticed to anyone in particular, however he learned many skills from the laborers and men-at-arms attached to the estate.

During a hunting trip with the grounds and game master, Alistair saw his companion gored by a boar. Unsure what to do, Alistair dragged his bleeding and unconscious companion through thicket and forest to the trade road near the border of the estate. It was here that Alistair happened upon a Knight Paladin of the Order of Iomedae. The paladin healed the wounds of the game master and saw within the sprat young lord a determination, purity, and wisdom seldom known in boys his age. The Knight Paladin rode back to the estate with the game master and Alistair, and assuming the elderly Andoran was Alistair’s father, requested he be apprenticed to the Temple clerics in Absalom. The elderly Andoran agreed while neither confirming nor refuting the Knight Paladin’s assumptions.

Young Geralt spent the next six years within the temple, after which he returned to the House Geralt in Absalom, confident he had earned a place within the family. It was a cold day when Alistair learned no warm welcome greeted his arrival. He was quickly snubbed from all House functions, handily ignored, and occasionally outwardly scorned, even from the brothers he once knew to have loved him. It was during this uncertain time of forced solitude that Conrad Astym came to visit House Geralt.

Conrad wished to meet the sons of Toray. Rhana produced the oldest two, explaining how sad and unfortunate were the circumstances surrounding the birth of Alistair. After the feast welcoming Conrad to guest, Conrad sought the youngest Geralt, and finding him to be most like his former protégé and friend, requested he accept a position within Conrad’s staff at the Keep by the River. Alistair’s petition to the Order of Iomedae to be assigned to the Keep by the River was accepted.

Alistair is now Conrad’s chief advisor on matters of trade, as well as his closest friend.

Alistair Geralt

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