Jhor Ardic

Kick-in-the-ass Sergeant At Arms of the Keep by the River


Jhor is the quintessential manager. He is brusque, cares little for what others think of him, is rarely if ever heard doing anything other than yelling and cussing, and is exceptionally capable at his job. The Men-at-arms and rangers under his command would rather run head-long into the dragon’s maw than turn tail and have to face Ardic’s wrath. As far as his men are concerned, the sun rises and sets at his command and the seasons blow at his whim. He is the Lord of their Creation and His Word is Law.

He stands over six feet and is corded with taught muscle. His hair is cropped short and his skin is weathered from, well, weather. He has deep smile lines at the corners of his eyes, though some would think sunshine to beam from his ass before a smile should cross his lips.

He is married to Valeria Orr.


Sergeant at Arms of the Keep by the River. He is married to Valeria Orr, and some of his men rumor that she looks the way she does from having seen him without his tunic.

Jhor literally walked from the forest one day, clothes torn to rags, and bleeding from hundreds of small cuts. No one knows from where he walked or why he was in the state of duress he was, but everyone has heard the tale of how he acquired his job:

During the reconstruction of the Keep by the River, when many of the walls had been burned and battered, and the ramp leading to the keep had collapsed, is when Jhor walked from the forest. He approached the keep in broad daylight, weaponless, shoe-less, modesty-less, and without any regard for the guardsmen commanding the area around the keep. It’s rumored that Ardic stepped past the sentries, climbed the scaffolding, and was later found enjoying the Lord Astym’s stew and wine in his library. When confronted by Lord Astym, Jhor chuckled through a mouth of mutton, and told his Lordship the worth of his captain. Lord Conrad was taken aback by his frankness and asked Jhor what he meant. Ardic replied, “men are only worth the leader they follow. Yours are lazy, inept, and bored, but they’re also intelligent, well-meaning, and eager. Since that’s a slight contradiction, I can only assume your captain is the inept and lazy one.”

“Interesting, so you place the blame of your trespassing and theft on the shoulders of my captain of guards?” Conrad arched an eyebrow.

“Exactly”, said Jhor, drinking from the goblet in front of him. “If your men had the fear of god put into them, if they were trained to their potential, then I wouldn’t be sitting here, eating your dinner, sipping your most excellent vintage.”

Conrad snorted and said, “fine then. You’re hired. You start tomorrow, but before you do, see my chamberlain… and put on some pants.”

Shortly thereafter, Valeria also came to the keep, only in a more dignified fashion.

Jhor Ardic

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