Kahir Amesti

Dashing and eminently capable young scoundrel (Human Rogue 2)


An impoverished Kelishite child on the streets of Katapesh, Kahir’s quick wit and sly charm quickly saw him embroiled in the plots of a local gangboss, a gnome named Lini Sarzuket. Lini took Kahir under her wing and taught him the ways of the thief.

Lini’s schemes unraveled when, on an errand in Katapesh, Conrad Astym saw fit to rout her gang and topple her burgeoning criminal empire. Seeing the spark of brilliance in Kahir, Conrad adopted the boy as one of his wards and took him to Astym Keep.

Unknown to Kahir, Lini fled Katapesh with nothing but her life. Kahir still adores and idolizes her and would probably follow her anywhere, if he knew that she was alive.

Kahir holds Conrad in the highest esteem. Conrad’s honor and nobility have given Kahir something toward which to strive.

Opinions of other PCs
Bronlodious: I’m terrified of growing into him.
Lazarus: The kid’s got potential.
Varg: Every tool has its use.

Kahir Amesti

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