Kithem Seoral

House Elf of the Highest Order


Kithem Seoral is the domestic elfservant of Lord Conrad Astym at House Astym’s Ivy District town home.

Kithem is elven, of unknown origin and descent. His age is unknown, but he is rumored to be in his second century of life. Kithem rarely speaks of his past. As far as House Astym is concerned, Kithem’s time before his tenure with Lord Conrad is irrelevant. Despite the mystery surrounding Kithem’s origins, he has time and again proven himself in the service of House Astym.

Kithem is a meticulous elfservant; refined, dignified, knowledgeable, and versed in all forms of etiquette and social protocol. However, it is rumored that Kithem is much more skilled than that. Some have speculated that Kithem is in truth a spy, assassin, or sorcerer employed by House Astym for the benefit of Lord Conrad. Since so little is known about Kithem before his time with Lord Conrad, wild speculation surrounds his tenure.

Many of the opposing Houses of the High Council have believed Kithem Seoral to be a weak point in House Astym’s defenses, but all attempts to coerce Kithem, either willingly or not, have ended in futility.

During the turmoil preceding the Massacre at Totra, when The Astym Shipping Company appeared on the brink of destruction, Kithem Seoral went missing. Kithem refuses to speak about why or what happened, but rumor has it that Kithem was abducted by House Azari. Three days after Kithem disappeared, he returned to House Astym, bloodied and bruised. Shorty thereafter, a half-score Azari house guards were found drowned, or worse, in the Docks district.


Kithem Seoral

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