Oki Ginfuji

Wizened Wizard-cum-shopkeep


Oki Ginfuji is the proprietor of Apparatus Ianus in the Coins District of Absalom.

As wizards go, even Oki is considered ambiguous and vague. He is known for losing his place in time and space, both mentally and physically. Many patrons of his shop have left confused and befuddled when suddenly Oki will vanish, and reappear in another room minutes or hours later continuing the conversation as if no time had passed between the two moments.

It is rumored that Oki was destined to be one of the great wizards of this age, but his experiments with time and space left him unable to stay more than a few days in any one plane. Even more frightening are the rumors that say Oki is one of the greatest wizards of the age, and that his experiments in temporal magic have allowed him to study under an unlimited number of Epic Wizards through time, even drawing power from many planes of existence simultaneously.

Some with looser tongues have said Lord Gyr has utilized Oki on various occasions, for what no one is sure, but some say perhaps to see what a course of action will hold, or perhaps to have Oki travel back to seek council from Iomedae herself.

Regardless of rumors and conjecture, Oki is quite knowledgeable of the componentry and spells of the world and is a valuable resource for any who can earn his regard. However, be prepared to pay a steep price for his services.


Very little is known about Oki Ginfuji before his time as proprietor of Ianus Apparatus.

Oki Ginfuji

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