Valeria Orr

Methodical fighter whose ferocity and will are matched only by her ugliness.


Valeria is the epitome of professional construction. When the gods created the perfect warrior, they granted it rippling muscle, lighting reflexes, the keen sense of order from chaos, and the face of a horse – if the horse had run head-first into a wall and squashed its head flat like an anvil. The only time Valeria could be considered pretty is when her blades and shield spin, strike, and parry in a syncopated ballet of death. Valeria stands slightly over five feet, tall and wide. She is broad of shoulder, and thick of chest and hip. Her muscles strain against her skin as if it is meant to split, and set astride a nose too large and flat for her face are eyes clear, intelligent and the color of blood since dried.

HP: 15+







Valeria Orr came to Astym Keep not long ago. Drawn by the renown of Conrad Astym and Alistair Geralt, and the sometimes shadowed history of the Keep by the River, Valeria sought to make a name for herself fighting bandits, pirate, and raiders from the coast; and seeking out those who would do harm to the merchants who travel the road between Diobel and Absalom.

What Valeria never counted on was learning that what often separates a merchant from a pirate is a bill of lading and an official goods passport. She has seen battle many times where some merchant is attacked by raiders and pirates, only to learn the merchant was the thief and the raiders and pirates the victims.

She has fought pirates in open waters, raiders on land, goblins in caves, orcs in forests, and any number of other creatures bent on theft, rape, and murder. Like the redwood she resembles, the lines of her life can be traced across the scars she carries with her. She is married to Jhor Ardic, Sergeant at Arms of the Keep by the River.

Valeria Orr

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