House Astym

House Astym, a lesser house within the politics of Absalom, has quickly risen in prominence since the current Scion, Lord Conrad Astym, came to power. Mostly a merchant house whose influence and wealth is economically derived, draws its power directly from the trade, land, and shipping it owns. House Astym was founded from the Astym Shipping Company shortly after the election of Lord Gyr of House Gixx to the Primarchy.

In 4661, Lord Gyr put before the High Council a Matter of Note regarding the abolishment of House Azari and the ascension of House Astym to its seat. Lord Gyr made ambiguous references to gross mismanagement of state and city funds within the Matter of Note given to the High Council. It is rumored that said Note contained allusions to embezzlement of taxes, and the raising of levies upon shipping for the express intent of treason, conspiracy, and profiteering. It is also rumored that said levies would most impact the Astym Shipping Company, who may have brought forth evidence of House Azari’s deeds. Such rumors certainly give credence to scholarly arguments regarding the enmity between the remnants of House Azari and House Astym.

Following the High Council’s vote, the abolishment of House Azari, and the seating of House Astym upon the High Council, Tonran Astym was named Master of Harbors and given responsibility over the rules and regulations regarding shipping within Absalom.

Considered one of the most lucrative appointments of the High Council, Lord Tonran rarely used his influence to enrich his house. In fact, Tonran often sold his interests if they came in contact with state business. Nevertheless, Tonran was an astute businessman and multiplied his family’s holdings many times.

Tonran Astym’s only son, Conrad, was born shortly after House Astym was seated. Conrad Astym became the Scion of House Astym upon the deaths of his mother and father in 4677.

House Astym

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